“I was surprised to see drastic results within 8 weeks…”

I decided to get serious about getting back into shape after two kids and a downward spiral into the over 40 exercise and diet slump. I was always very fit and active, but after having two children (and gaining forty pounds with each pregnancy), nursing, and working full time, I was left feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted. On my own, I could not find the energy, time, or motivation to … [Read more...]

“With Mario as my trainer I have been able to achieve my fitness goals.”

I have been working with Mario since February 2010.  Seven years ago I developed an interest in figure competitions; however I did not pursue it seriously because at that time I did not have the drive and desire to dedicate myself wholeheartedly.  In recent months I decided that I wanted to pursue figure competitions.  As a personal trainer myself, I knew right away that I would need the … [Read more...]

“I know that Mario will able to help achieve your goals!”

I am writing you to relay my outstanding results achieved in working with Mario Gaytan as my personal trainer. Mario is a very qualified, professional, and knowledgeable trainer. With his help I was able to change not only my appearance, but also my lifestyle. In only 12 weeks with Mario’s expert coaching, I was able to transform my body. I went from 18 % bodyfat to around 7% body fat and in … [Read more...]

“Mario is certainly the person who can provide you with the tools to help you attain your goals!”

It is with great enthusiasm and appreciation that I present my highest recommendation for Mario Gaytan and his work as a trainer. I have personally worked with Mario for 12 weeks, and can truthfully say that he has helped me to achieve my goals in a highly effective and healthy manner. More importantly I lost half my bodyfat while gaining muscle. Also Mario has done all of this by educating me … [Read more...]

“Mario is the best!”

While working out with Mario I got in the best shape of my life at age 40! He prepared me for my first figure competition and I proudly come home with a trophy. Not only did he provide me with vigorous workouts and highly effective nutrition recommendations, his commitment to my success and belief in my ability to achieve my health and fitness goals helped transform my body, mind, and spirit. … [Read more...]

“Thanks Rio!”

I totally transformed my body after working with Mario as my trainer! Through his guidance with resistance training and nutritional recommendation I brought my bodyfat to 7% while gaining 8 pounds of muscle! Thanks, Rio! Jeremy G, Student … [Read more...]

“Thank you Mario for all of your help, you are a godsend!”

"I never thought that I’d be able to say that at 40 years old I am in the best shape of my life. I have strength and coordination that I never knew at 20 and my body fat is lower than it was in my teens. I owe 90% of this to my trainer Mario. Although I have always been strong, Mario showed me how to push my fitness to a level I never even thought possible. Not only is he one of the most … [Read more...]

“He took me to that next level in strength training!”

I began weight training with Mario in 2004. He took my strength training and diet to a new level when he trained me for my first figure show in May 2005. For the first time in my life, I felt like an athlete. I also developed a personal confidence that has transpired to other areas of my life. With discipline, determination and hard work, he taught me that I could take my body above and beyond … [Read more...]

“One of Mario’s strengths is the passion”

I first started working with Mario in January of 2007.  At the time, I was 38 years old.  I was approaching 40, but I felt as if I was approaching 50.  My body ached after working all day and I felt tired much of the time.  I felt like I was getting "old."  And that's what I told myself much of the time ...I’m getting old. My first meeting with Mario, he asked me what my goals were.  I told him … [Read more...]

“Mario is a true artist with a real gift for transforming the body!”

I always considered myself an athlete—cheerleader, gymnast, runner, and aerobics enthusiast.  I spent many hours at the gym and prided myself on my endless endurance.  I smiled sympathetically at the wealthy businessmen who had nothing better to do with their money than pay “trainers” to carry their weights around. After injuring my ankle in aerobics class, my instructor recommended I contact … [Read more...]

“Mario has been my physical trainer, coach – and inspiration!”

When I hired Mario in September of 2002, I had been through a series of personal trainers who gave me routines, showed me new exercises and left me on my own to figure out why my goals were never met and objectives achieved. I used to spend hours in the weight room – never quite understanding why my body never changed and why I never felt stronger. I became quickly frustrated and bored with my … [Read more...]

“He’s a fantastic trainer!”

I had suffered from chronic (and sometimes very severe) low back pain since roughly the age of 20.  I tried every modality of treatment and exercise I could find : yoga, weights, cardio, pilates, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage.  The results of all of it were at best temporary.  Even on the days when I was pain free I had a general feeling of instability that made me feel like … [Read more...]

“I would recommend Mario to anyone!”

I have been working with Mario since 2001. I initially got involved due to lower back issues, my desire to remain active in golf and skiing, as well as wanting to maintain an excellent quality of life. Thanks to the various programs (physical and nutritional) that Mario has designed, I am very active and feel terrific! Two years ago, I went on a Helicopter Ski trip. For the 3 – 4 months … [Read more...]

“Mario’s the best!”

I have been a runner for 15 years, but also swam, cycled and worked out at a gym; I’d even done a handful of triathlons, so I always considered myself to be in good shape. As I rounded the corner past 40 however, despite all the running and other forms of exercise, I realized I was slowly gaining weight and it was sticking.  Gradually, I felt that there were certain kinds of clothes that didn’t … [Read more...]

“Go get an appointment with Mario!”

Mario has helped me be in the best shape and condition of my life, I will be 54 years young this March.  He has helped me reduce my body fat from 28% to 19% in less than 8 weeks, through both strength training and dietary coaching. He even designs custom training routines I can do while traveling so that I can maintain my training without having to fall behind in my physical goals. Mario has a … [Read more...]

“My stamina and strength are remarkable!”

Fitness has stopped being a seasonal event since I began training with Mario. Given my work as a learning specialist, I spend many hours bending over students’ desks and sitting at the computer. Now, despite a once debilitating back condition, I am able to stand, stoop, and sit for what sometimes seems to be an eternity without agonizing pain. Functional fitness.  Mario has helped me to maintain … [Read more...]

” I am more fit than ever!”

Choosing to work with Mario was one of the best things I have done for myself. His breadth of knowledge and experience, combined with attentive listening, make him an excellent trainer. I came to Mario with a hip and knee injury that kept me from training in the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira. After three months of work with Mario, I am now able to practice Capoiera, and I am more fit than ever. … [Read more...]

“I feel like I am going to live forever”

"I started working out with Mario mostly out of self-preservation.  I used to be relatively well fit in my twenties and thirties, but in my fifties I found myself working every waking moment of my life to build our growing architectural practice.  This resulted in a lack of conditioning, putting on weight and getting out of shape.  All previous attempts at maintaining an organized workout had … [Read more...]

“I’ve seen huge improvements!”

I started training with Mario in February 2009 to improve my strength and flexibility. During our first session, Mario conducted a number of tests to assess my current conditioning. Then he tailored a fitness program to meet my needs. What sets Mario apart from other trainers is his understanding of functional anatomy, listening skills and patience. Additionally, he knows how to inspire and … [Read more...]