“Mario is a true artist with a real gift for transforming the body!”

I always considered myself an athlete—cheerleader, gymnast, runner, and aerobics enthusiast.  I spent many hours at the gym and prided myself on my endless endurance.  I smiled sympathetically at the wealthy businessmen who had nothing better to do with their money than pay “trainers” to carry their weights around.

After injuring my ankle in aerobics class, my instructor recommended I contact Mario Gaytan to get me back on my feet.  Needless to say I was very skeptical.  Our first session was a very humbling experience- discovering I could not balance on one foot without falling and had 50% less strength on my left arm than my right. Well that was five years ago.  After many hours of Mario’s focused attention I have gained core strength, symmetry and balance in my workouts.  My hour with Mario is the high point of my week and I leave with a new appreciation for the meaning of fitness.

Mario is a true artist with a real gift for transforming the body, mind and soul of those of us lucky enough to call him our trainer.

Sally Slome, M.D.
Chief of Infectious Diseases
Kaiser Oakland Medical Center
Oakland, CA

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