“I feel like I am going to live forever”


“I started working out with Mario mostly out of self-preservation.  I used to be relatively well fit in my twenties and thirties, but in my fifties I found myself working every waking moment of my life to build our growing architectural practice.  This resulted in a lack of conditioning, putting on weight and getting out of shape.  All previous attempts at maintaining an organized workout had failed as I could not maintain interest, doing the same thing over and over was excruciatingly boring.

I am now on my third year with Mario.  I have lost weight, I am a ton stronger, much more conditioned and I now actually look forward to my workouts.  People tell me that I look better, healthy and fit.  Mario keeps changing my workout all the time, so that I not only find them interesting but they are never rote and always challenging.

Mario is meticulous.  He continuously monitors my form, my condition and calibrates the exercise regime to maintain the challenging nature of the workout.  At the same time he is always looking out for my safety.  The amazing part is that the only static part to the experience is the amount of effort expended (a lot).  The amount of work, however, changes according to what I am able to do in each particular session.  The incredible part of the workout is that Mario can gage exactly how much I am able to do and then makes me do a little more.  He is like a lovable drill sergeant that sort of sneaks up on you and by the end of the session he has gotten every ounce of potential energy out of you and turned it into work.

This may sound unpleasant and for those who hate exercise and it actually is, but I used to be one of those and now I am not.  It is fascinating to see first hand the connection between human conditioning and mental wellbeing.  I am a lot happier, I feel like I am going to live forever (more or less like I did when I was twenty five) and I have Mario to thank this for.”

George Loisos AIA ~ Principal

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