“With Mario as my trainer I have been able to achieve my fitness goals.”

I have been working with Mario since February 2010.  Seven years ago I developed an interest in figure competitions; however I did not pursue it seriously because at that time I did not have the drive and desire to dedicate myself wholeheartedly.  In recent months I decided that I wanted to pursue figure competitions.  As a personal trainer myself, I knew right away that I would need the assistance of someone that could help me reach that goal.

Sixteen weeks prior to my first competition I approached Mario and asked for his assistance.  He graciously accepted.  I was completely astounded by his level of commitment to me.  He is very knowledgeable and patient.  He took the time to individualize my fitness plan to achieve optimal results.  He has a very positive approach to coaching and training, which made the experience more enjoyable.  The first competition I entered was my first amateur competition and I won first place.

The success I achieved with this first competition really speaks to the type of trainer Mario is.  Since then I have gone on to compete in another figure competition, which was a pre-qualifier for Nationals.  Again, I won first place.  With Mario as my trainer I have been able to achieve my fitness goals.

He is a very professional, dedicated, trainer who is committed to helping me achieve maximum results.  With Mario’s continued support and encouragement, I hope to move on to competing in National figure competitions, with my ultimate goal of becoming a professional competitor.

Arista Jackson

2010 NPC First Place Figure (San Francisco Championships)

2010 ABA/INBA First Place Figure (Silver & Black)


  1. Rich Harper says

    Hello Mario

    It was great seeing you last week and it was nice to see you looking good and still training. Mario continue to be great my man.

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