“I was surprised to see drastic results within 8 weeks…”

I decided to get serious about getting back into shape after two kids and a downward spiral into the over 40 exercise and diet slump. I was always very fit and active, but after having two children (and gaining forty pounds with each pregnancy), nursing, and working full time, I was left feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted. On my own, I could not find the energy, time, or motivation to exercise consistently. I was also a little intimidated about going back into the gym, since I had not done any serious weight training in about fifteen years, but new that at my age (44), I needed to work with weights to get the results I was looking for. I remembered that I had a positive experience working with Mario back in the late nineties, and knew I needed a professional coach. I have always respected Mario’s professional demeanor and knowledge, and trusted him in guiding me back to a healthy body and mind.

I met with Mario with a completely open mind and willingness to do whatever it took to reclaim my body. I decided to participate in Mario’s 8 Week to Skinny Jeans program, because I needed a drastic goal, and part of me did not think I could do it. I started the program five months post-partum, with a four year old, and a very stressful job. Mario is great at accessing your fitness level and adjusting your routine day by day. He is also much attuned to injury prevention. I was surprised to see drastic results within 8 weeks, by only seeing him for two one hour sessions a week. I do not have the time, or the desire, to go to the gym more than twice a week, so this was very important. I exercise (walk or jog 30-45 minutes) 2-3 days a week on my own, follow the diet modification, and have started to incorporate strength training exercises at home, and or, when I am traveling for work. I plan on continuing to see Mario twice a week indefinitely, because I have discovered how important it is for me to invest in my health and well-being.


Renee Belder, Senior Clinical Product Specialist, Sanofi Oncology

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