“I’ve seen huge improvements!”

I started training with Mario in February 2009 to improve my strength and flexibility. During our first session, Mario conducted a number of tests to assess my current conditioning. Then he tailored a fitness program to meet my needs.

What sets Mario apart from other trainers is his understanding of functional anatomy, listening skills and patience. Additionally, he knows how to inspire and motivate his clients. Every time we meet, he asks how I’m feeling and conducts muscle tests to see how my body is functioning. Then, he creates new workouts to challenge my body. He always stresses the importance of good form and he reviews every exercise with me until my form is perfect!

Since I don’t live on the East Bay, I only have the opportunity to train with Mario approximately every four weeks. I’ve had numerous fitness trainers at my gym complement me on the design of my workouts (both the warm-ups and weight lifting routines).

I always look forward to my sessions with Mario. Over the last year, I’ve seen huge improvements—I’m physically stronger and I have more confidence in the gym. Thanks Mario!

Greer Rothman

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