“Go get an appointment with Mario!”


Mario has helped me be in the best shape and condition of my life, I will be 54 years young this March.  He has helped me reduce my body fat from 28% to 19% in less than 8 weeks, through both strength training and dietary coaching. He even designs custom training routines I can do while traveling so that I can maintain my training without having to fall behind in my physical goals.

Mario has a unique approach to strength training.  Before every workout session he asks how does your body feel. Then proceeds to doing muscle testing and then apply specific trigger point releases when needed. This insures that the muscles in question will in gauge correctly during the workout for maximum benefit, as well as, help reduce the risk of any damage from a muscle not firing when it needs to.

If you want to get serious about losing weight, building body strength, better nutrition, or want to rehab an injury. Go get an appointment with Mario.

Rick Hanson
Owner – Serpico Landscaping Inc, Heli-Skier

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