“My stamina and strength are remarkable!”

Fitness has stopped being a seasonal event since I began training with Mario. Given my work as a learning specialist, I spend many hours bending over students’ desks and sitting at the computer. Now, despite a once debilitating back condition, I am able to stand, stoop, and sit for what sometimes seems to be an eternity without agonizing pain. Functional fitness.  Mario has helped me to maintain core strength; I have a corset of muscles supporting my spine. This hasn’t been a fast process, it has been incremental. We work on balance, strength, and diet. He is careful about creating exercises that limit the load on my spine. He listens. If I feel like my back is tiring, he adjusts; he doesn’t expect me to “muscle through”. I have trained twice a week for almost five years which is quite a testament to Mario’s ability to think critically and develop a conscientious and novel program. My stamina and strength are remarkable. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Toby Mickelson MSW
Professional Member, AET

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