“I was surprised to see drastic results within 8 weeks…”

I decided to get serious about getting back into shape after two kids and a downward spiral into the over 40 exercise and diet slump. I was always very fit and active, but after having two children (and gaining forty pounds with each pregnancy), nursing, and working full time, I was left feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted. On my own, I could not find the energy, time, or motivation to … [Read more...]

“With Mario as my trainer I have been able to achieve my fitness goals.”

I have been working with Mario since February 2010.  Seven years ago I developed an interest in figure competitions; however I did not pursue it seriously because at that time I did not have the drive and desire to dedicate myself wholeheartedly.  In recent months I decided that I wanted to pursue figure competitions.  As a personal trainer myself, I knew right away that I would need the … [Read more...]

“I know that Mario will able to help achieve your goals!”

I am writing you to relay my outstanding results achieved in working with Mario Gaytan as my personal trainer. Mario is a very qualified, professional, and knowledgeable trainer. With his help I was able to change not only my appearance, but also my lifestyle. In only 12 weeks with Mario’s expert coaching, I was able to transform my body. I went from 18 % bodyfat to around 7% body fat and in … [Read more...]

“Mario is certainly the person who can provide you with the tools to help you attain your goals!”

It is with great enthusiasm and appreciation that I present my highest recommendation for Mario Gaytan and his work as a trainer. I have personally worked with Mario for 12 weeks, and can truthfully say that he has helped me to achieve my goals in a highly effective and healthy manner. More importantly I lost half my bodyfat while gaining muscle. Also Mario has done all of this by educating me … [Read more...]

“Mario is the best!”

While working out with Mario I got in the best shape of my life at age 40! He prepared me for my first figure competition and I proudly come home with a trophy. Not only did he provide me with vigorous workouts and highly effective nutrition recommendations, his commitment to my success and belief in my ability to achieve my health and fitness goals helped transform my body, mind, and spirit. … [Read more...]

“Thanks Rio!”

I totally transformed my body after working with Mario as my trainer! Through his guidance with resistance training and nutritional recommendation I brought my bodyfat to 7% while gaining 8 pounds of muscle! Thanks, Rio! Jeremy G, Student … [Read more...]

“Thank you Mario for all of your help, you are a godsend!”

"I never thought that I’d be able to say that at 40 years old I am in the best shape of my life. I have strength and coordination that I never knew at 20 and my body fat is lower than it was in my teens. I owe 90% of this to my trainer Mario. Although I have always been strong, Mario showed me how to push my fitness to a level I never even thought possible. Not only is he one of the most … [Read more...]

“He took me to that next level in strength training!”

I began weight training with Mario in 2004. He took my strength training and diet to a new level when he trained me for my first figure show in May 2005. For the first time in my life, I felt like an athlete. I also developed a personal confidence that has transpired to other areas of my life. With discipline, determination and hard work, he taught me that I could take my body above and beyond … [Read more...]

“One of Mario’s strengths is the passion”

I first started working with Mario in January of 2007.  At the time, I was 38 years old.  I was approaching 40, but I felt as if I was approaching 50.  My body ached after working all day and I felt tired much of the time.  I felt like I was getting "old."  And that's what I told myself much of the time ...I’m getting old. My first meeting with Mario, he asked me what my goals were.  I told him … [Read more...]

“Mario is a true artist with a real gift for transforming the body!”

I always considered myself an athlete—cheerleader, gymnast, runner, and aerobics enthusiast.  I spent many hours at the gym and prided myself on my endless endurance.  I smiled sympathetically at the wealthy businessmen who had nothing better to do with their money than pay “trainers” to carry their weights around. After injuring my ankle in aerobics class, my instructor recommended I contact … [Read more...]

“Mario has been my physical trainer, coach – and inspiration!”

When I hired Mario in September of 2002, I had been through a series of personal trainers who gave me routines, showed me new exercises and left me on my own to figure out why my goals were never met and objectives achieved. I used to spend hours in the weight room – never quite understanding why my body never changed and why I never felt stronger. I became quickly frustrated and bored with my … [Read more...]

“He’s a fantastic trainer!”

I had suffered from chronic (and sometimes very severe) low back pain since roughly the age of 20.  I tried every modality of treatment and exercise I could find : yoga, weights, cardio, pilates, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage.  The results of all of it were at best temporary.  Even on the days when I was pain free I had a general feeling of instability that made me feel like … [Read more...]

Oakland Fitness Training

An Oakland fitness training professional understands that getting in shape is a task which is not simple for everyone. In fact, all people, struggle daily with the ideas of eating right, exercising and achieving desired health and fitness results. If you have decided to begin your own nutrition and fitness regimen, or if you are looking to increase your physical fitness level, one of the greatest … [Read more...]

Sports Medicine in Oakland

Sports medicine in Oakland requires a very specific training program that rebuilds endurance, speed and strength. When recovering from an injury, the worst thing an athlete can do is push the recovering muscles too hard and too fast. A trainer can design a program that enables you restore overall body conditioning while strengthening the injured muscles, tendons or ligaments. From Tennis Elbow … [Read more...]

Adding Variety to Your Cardio Routine With Personal Training in Oakland

With personal training in Oakland you receive cutting-edge exercise routines with variety, and as they say, variety is the spice of life. Adding variety to your cardio routine not only helps you achieve a fuller workout but helps keep the routine from becoming boring. While some of us thrive on having consistency in our fitness programs, many of us are in danger of quitting because doing the same … [Read more...]

Exercise is a Top Diabetes Management Tool, According to Personal Trainers in Oakland

Personal trainers in Oakland know that exercise and good nutrition can do a lot to prevent or delay diabetes onset, but that they are also key factors in controlling diabetes, preventing serious complications, and in living well with diabetes. Fitness is recommended for all diabetics, but care must be taken to develop a safe plan given your specific situation. Many Benefits Of Fitness For … [Read more...]

Are You Too Busy to Exercise? A Personal Trainer in Oakland Can Help!

A personal trainer in Oakland understands that among all the excuses one can make about avoiding exercise, claiming that you’re just too busy has to be the most often heard excuse. The truth is that this excuse just doesn’t cut it anymore. Everyone can find a way to incorporate an exercise routine into their busy lives, even if their lives are scheduled down to the last minute. Here are a few tips … [Read more...]

Diet Help: 5 Tips To Prevent Diet Slip-Ups For Oakland Weight Loss

Dieting is no easy task. Taking the first step towards Oakland weight loss by making the decision to diet and improve nutrition is commendable and will do much to improve your health and well-being. Still, dieting is just plain hard to do. To help you along, we've compiled five of the top tips for avoiding dieting slip-ups as you make your way toward better eating habits. 5 Tips For Preventing … [Read more...]

Setting Fitness and Health Goals with an Oakland Sports Training Expert

An Oakland sports training Expert Reports! When most people start a new exercise program, they have an idea of what they want to accomplish. People start exercising for plenty of different reasons, from wanting to improve their overall health to meeting a specific goal. Knowing what you want to accomplish through your fitness routine can help you focus on your goal and have something to work … [Read more...]

An Oakland Sports Expert Reports! Why Water is Crucial to Your Health

Oakland sports experts know that as many as seventy-five percent of Americans aren’t drinking enough water. As most of us learned in school, our bodies are made up of nearly seventy percent water, so doesn’t it seem natural that we need to stock up on this most important element? In this article, we’ll learn why staying hydrated is so important to your health, the dangers of not getting enough … [Read more...]

Oakland Personal Training Exercises for Busy Professionals

Oakland personal training experts understand that when you’re working fifty hour weeks, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of grabbing fast food and crashing on the couch after a difficult day at work before catching a few hours of sleep and starting all over again. The truth is that exercise can help even the busiest professionals stay in top … [Read more...]

Diabetes: Preventing A Life-Altering Disease With Exercise & Nutrition Help From Oakland Personal Trainers

Oakland personal trainers have found that many people still mistakenly think that diabetes is an entirely hereditary disease. Recent increases in the incidence of diabetes and in the incidences of the disease in young people show otherwise, however. Type 2 diabetes has steadily been on the rise across all age groups and the rise has been directly correlated to inactivity and poor … [Read more...]

What an Oakland Personal Trainer Can Do for You

If you’re considering working with an Oakland personal trainer to help you meet your fitness and health goals, you may be unaware of some of the benefits that working with a personal trainer can provide. Of course, a good personal trainer will assess your current level of fitness and design a fitness program that will help you reach your goals, but what do they do beyond that? In this article, … [Read more...]

Oakland Health Experts Believe in The Life-Benefiting Magic Of Endorphins

Oakland health experts are aware of the full benefits of endorphins. If you are familiar with what endorphins are, you probably know that they can make you feel good when you exercise. But did you know that the benefit of endorphins extends into the rest of your life as well? What's An Endorphin? Whether you are familiar with endorphins or not, here's a simplified explanation of what an … [Read more...]

How An Oakland Gym Expert Can Help When You’ve Hit a Fitness Plateau

Hitting a fitness plateau after months of hitting an Oakland gym is frustrating and demoralizing. It’s no wonder many people abandon their fitness routines when this happens, as it’s easy to feel like you’ve hit a wall that you just can’t get around or over. If you’ve recently hit a plateau, take heart; it is possible to push through by using a little creative thinking and getting help from our … [Read more...]