Oakland Health Experts Believe in The Life-Benefiting Magic Of Endorphins

Oakland health experts are aware of the full benefits of endorphins. If you are familiar with what endorphins are, you probably know that they can make you feel good when you exercise. But did you know that the benefit of endorphins extends into the rest of your life as well?

What’s An Endorphin?

Whether you are familiar with endorphins or not, here’s a simplified explanation of what an endorphin is. (A Oakland health expert could get into very scientific explanations here, but let’s just focus on what you need to know…)

Endorphins are naturally occurring body chemicals, called “endogenous morphine.” They are a neurotransmitter that has been studied since the 1970’s (in an effort to understand the “runner’s high” reported by runners and marathoners—that good time feeling runners get from their exercise).

Endorphins have properties similar to morphine, a widely known pain-killer. The effect of endorphins is similar to that of the pain-numbing effect of morphine. In this way, they act as pain-blockers that inhibit the sensation of pain and the intensity of it.

What Increases Endorphin Levels?

One of the best known (and studied) methods for increasing endorphin levels is exercise. Oakland health experts have learned that endorphin release is a natural occurrence when working out. Every time you work out, you increase your levels of endorphins and release endorphins into the bloodstream, setting you up for a number of physiological benefits.

How Do Increased Endorphins Help?

Endorphins block pain, but they also are linked to physical processes that improve mood. Endorphins help you feel more relaxed and happier in general.

Physiologically speaking endorphins:

  • Slow respiration rates
  • Decrease heart rate
  • Dilate the eyes
  • Move blood to the core of the body (closer to essential organs)
  • Speed lymphatic process

Overall, the effects of these physiological changes result in:

  • Improved digestion
  • Pain relief
  • More efficient waste/toxin removal
  • Improved immune capabilities
  • Improved mood
  • Stress relief
  • Appetite control
  • Feelings of happiness and contentment

The short-term Oakland health effects of exercise-induced endorphins are improved mood and decreased stress levels, but the effects are also more lasting. Continued exercise helps repeatedly relieve stress, eases mood swings, and relieves conditions like seasonal depression (as well as the physical benefits of improved immunity and health).

For sure, there is a lot to gain by increasing endorphin release. Even if you have not found motivation for fitness, the effect of exercise and endorphins on mood may be enough of a reason to get started exercising now. Oakland health professionals can help you find a way to boost your endorphin levels with exercise. As humans, we have few natural means of mood and health control, and few that are as effective and beneficial as exercise-induced endorphins.

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