Sports Medicine in Oakland

Sports medicine in Oakland requires a very specific training program that rebuilds endurance, speed and strength. When recovering from an injury, the worst thing an athlete can do is push the recovering muscles too hard and too fast. A trainer can design a program that enables you restore overall body conditioning while strengthening the injured muscles, tendons or ligaments.

From Tennis Elbow to Runner’s Knee

Sports injuries can happen to anyone who’s physically active whether they’re a professional athlete or a weekend game player. You can have tennis elbow, runner’s knee or a dancer’s fracture to name a few. But the reality is you can injure any bone or muscle in the body, and when that happens, sports medicine in Oakland is needed.

Any injury to the body is traumatic whether it’s from accident or overuse. The weekend basketball player may have a sore back from completing unusual twisting hoop shots, while the college football player is recovering from knee surgery due to tearing a tendon. Either way the sports enthusiasts have to reduce the amount of physical activity during recovery.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for muscles to begin to weaken and overall conditioning to begin to decline. The body has to stay active and proper nutrition has to be maintained in order to stay healthy. A personal trainer can be an invaluable assistant who oversees a fitness program designed to methodically restore the pre-injury fitness level.

Sports medicine in Oakland programs are designed to address the rehabilitation of the injured part of the body, restoration of overall conditioning, and restoration of endurance, speed and strength. Also, when an athlete has been injured, the rehabilitation must be designed so that the injury is not aggravated. You see professional athletes on television every year who are carried off fields, because they pushed too hard and insisted on playing before fully recovered after injuries.

Be Specific, Please…

Sports medicine in Oakland is designed to be sport specific. A training program will concentrate on restoring physical functionality specific to the athletic activity. But a good injury recovery program will also concentrate on building strength in the injured area of the body in a way that the injury doesn’t happen again. In other words, a rehabilitation program will work on both fixing and preventing injuries.

Any sport training program includes exercises designed to build speed, power, endurance and flexibility. After injury, rehabilitation focuses on restoring flexibility and strength. As the injury heals, the custom designed training program will add exercises to build endurance, power, agility and speed to the pre-injury levels.

An effective sports medicine in Oakland program wouldn’t be complete unless a nutritional program was included also. The foods you eat can affect speed of healing and the ability of the body to fully recover. Like any fitness program, a combination of exercise and diet is used for developing a body that can meet the demands of the sport of choice.

Proper rehabilitation exercise after a sport injury is critical to full recovery. A personal trainer can develop a sport specific and injury specific exercise and nutrition program that will focus on healing and prevention of future injuries. Injuries are traumatic to the body, but by following a customized sports medicine in Oakland program, you can lesson the trauma to both body and spirit.

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