Cardio Vs. Strength Training at Gyms in Oakland

Gyms in Oakland offer options for both cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Depending on your fitness goals, you might be inclined towards one or the other. But is cardio or strength training better for you? How can you get the best of both worlds and still achieve your most targeted fitness goals?

First, let’s see what the benefits of each are.

Benefits Of Cardiovascular Exercise

It seems as fitness and cardiovascular exercise go you either love it or hate it. Nevertheless, cardio is an important part of being fit and healthy, regardless of your workout goals. Gyms in Oakland make cardiovascular health within your reach. Here’s how everyone can benefit from cardiovascular exercise.

  • Cardiovascular exercise gets the heart pumping and increases blood circulation. It works out the heart like any other muscle and strengthens it for endurance, long life, and increased productivity.
  • Cardio is the primary calorie and (by default) fat burner, so is the primary exercise for weight loss.
  • Metabolism is increased by cardiovascular workouts, too, which translates into better calorie and fat burning when you are not working out.
  • Cardio helps regulate hormone production so that you live on a more even plain, reduce stress, live happier, and maximize hormones that contribute to good health.
  • Cardiovascular exercise helps manage metabolic diseases like diabetes by maximizing glucose use.
  • Cardio helps you recover from other, more strenuous exercises (such as strength training) by processing muscle and blood by-products.

Benefits Of Strength Training

Strength training produces a similar love/hate emotion from people. Gyms in Oakland can help make strength training easier. Just as cardio is essential to overall fitness, though, so too is strength training; Here’s how everyone benefits from strength training exercises.

  • Strength training also improves your metabolism and increases your ability to burn calories and fat (because muscle requires more food energy).
  • Strength training increases the amount of lean muscle in the body which increases strength but also endurance and translates into better functioning and athletic performance.
  • Strength training significantly increases bone density. Weight-bearing exercises keep bones strong and healthy and restore bone loss caused by aging and inactivity.
  • Stronger muscles help protect the body, bones, and joints from injury.
  • Stronger muscles improve and maintain balance, movement, flexibility, and stability. You will feel better and again, be less likely to become injured due to weakness, strains, and falls. Strong muscles also help heal after an injury.
  • Like cardio, strength training also helps fight off diseases like heart disease.

Reaping The Rewards Of Cardiovascular Exercise & Strength Training

Although you may gravitate more towards cardio or strength training depending on your fitness goals and preference, one is not better than the other and total fitness relies upon the two. Gyms in Oakland offer facilities for both kinds of training. Whether you want to run a marathon or win bodybuilding competitions, or just be healthier, you should be incorporating some cardio and strength training to maximize your program.

A personal trainer is one of the best resources to help you learn about how one type of exercise can complement the other. With the help of a personal trainer, you can outline your fitness goals and find out what exercises and what amount of each will best help get you there. A personal trainer will also help you learn how to perform the exercises so that you enjoy the total benefits of the gyms in Oakland and enhance your fitness program. Often, people who have focused in one area—either cardio or strength training—lack experience with other, and need the extra guidance of a trainer to really benefit.

Cardiovascular and strength training are not either/or propositions for total body fitness. Every fitness plan needs elements of both, and a little education as to where your program is lacking will get you to your fitness goals. Gyms in Oakland provide you with many available resources that will help make your fitness goals easier to reach.

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