“Mario has been my physical trainer, coach – and inspiration!”

When I hired Mario in September of 2002, I had been through a series of personal trainers who gave me routines, showed me new exercises and left me on my own to figure out why my goals were never met and objectives achieved. I used to spend hours in the weight room – never quite understanding why my body never changed and why I never felt stronger. I became quickly frustrated and bored with my routines and would spend time hoping to gain tips from friends and pointers from magazines. That all changed when I met Mario.

I often find myself boasting of Mario’s unparalleled talent. Mario has an incredible eye for form – and watches my performance like a hawk. He makes slight adjustments to the positioning of my shoulder blades, to the bent of my knee or to an angle of my elbow. He will ask me to repeat an exercise if it seems slightly off. Mario is extremely well versed in physiology – and is able to detect when a muscle is tight, even when I am not aware of it. He stops an exercise if he notices an impediment to full range of motion, and spends energy correcting the problem only to fully optimize my workout.

Mario actively counts timing of a flexion and extension. He speeds up my lunges and slows down my curls. Rest periods between repetitions or sets are monitored, counted and never over extended or slighted.

I have learned from Mario the art of engaging my core, technique and timing. And I have watched Mario impart the same education to all of his clients.

Mario’s training has never left me bored or unchallenged. He takes the time to discuss, set and reassess my goals and objectives. He creates workouts and routines for the days I am not with him or periods of my life when I have been traveling or lived away. It goes without saying that my body is stronger and better than ever before.

Mario has the uncanny ability to challenge anyone – from the fit to the novice trainer. And the challenge that Mario presents is not only in the physical act of weight lifting – it involves the delicate balance of maintaining strength in life itself. Mario challenges me to maintain focused nutrition, a clear state of mind and a sense of calmness, forgiveness and purpose in life.

Over four years have past – years filled with emotional challenges, changes in careers, a relocation abroad and extensive periods away – through it all – Mario has been my physical trainer, coach – and inspiration.

Juli Goldstein, MHS
Product Development Manager
National Offices of Kaiser Permanente Health Plan

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