Can I Still Work Out With An Injury At Health Clubs in the Bay Area?

Health clubs in the Bay Area are not always thought of as recommendations for the treatment of injuries. Being that the advice when injured is often something akin to rest and ice, many people mistakenly think that an injury means that they have to halt all workout efforts. But is this is not really the case, and Health clubs in the Bay Area will keep you from losing all that fitness progress that … [Read more...]

Balance in Your Fitness in the Bay Area Program

For those that are only at the beginning of their path to better fitness in the Bay Area, the word “exercise” conjures up the image of endless hours running or pumping away on a stationary bike. While these exercises certainly have their merits, they are only a part of a balanced fitness program that incorporates several different disciplines. Varying your fitness in the Bay Area routine with … [Read more...]

Bay Area Personal Training To Help Combat Cellulite

Bay Area personal training experts know that cellulite is the bane of millions of women. Often appearing around the hips and thighs, cellulite has the appearance of dimples and it’s often characterized by the not very appealing name of “cottage cheese thighs”. Some people will experience this phenomenon while others may never have to worry about it. But understanding what cellulite is can help us … [Read more...]

Getting Happy with Your Body With the Help of Bay Area Personal Trainers

Bay Area Personal Trainers Report! Just as some people have to come to terms with the fact that they’ll always be of short stature, a lot of us also have to come to terms with the fact that we’ll never be a size zero. Bay Area personal trainers are in the same boat! Setting unrealistic goals in our fitness or diet routines can not only set us up for failure, but also a lack of self confidence and … [Read more...]

Bay Area Personal Trainer Reports! Is Breakfast Necessary?

A Bay Area Personal Trainer Writes… So, you’ve decided that you need to lose a few pounds, and the best way to lose weight is to decrease the amount of calories you consume, so you’re going to skip breakfast. After all, it’s only a few hours until lunchtime and you can get by with a cup of coffee, right? A Bay Area personal trainer says…Wrong! Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of … [Read more...]

Five Ways You Can Make Exercise At Your Bay Area Health Clubs Your Next Best Habit

The Bay Area health clubs might make exercising seem easy—at first. The first couple of days (once you get started) will have you feeling good about your effort and good about getting up and getting moving. Eventually, though, boredom and life creep in, and it gets harder and harder to keep your new-found good habit of exercise. All is not lost, though, there are ways you can increase your odds of … [Read more...]

Why Strength Training is Beneficial to Bay Area Health and Fitness

A Bay Area Health and Fitness Expert Reports! There’s a common misconception that muscle is heavier than fat, so why bother with strength training? The truth of the matter is a pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat. Muscle just happens to be leaner than fat and looks a whole lot better on the body. This isn’t the only reason to incorporate strength training into your Bay Area … [Read more...]

You Stand To Gain A Lot From Cross Training And Bay Area Fitness Training

Cross training is achievable with Bay Area fitness training. No matter who you are, what you fitness goals are, or what your top targeted result for working out is, you can benefit from cross training. All you need to know to get you started is why cross training is a good idea for you and where you can learn more about the best cross training methods and techniques to enhance your fitness … [Read more...]

Finding a Bay Area Fitness Trainer That’s Right for You

Choosing a Bay Area fitness trainer is a little more involved than signing up with the first personal trainer that you come across. Taking the time to interview a few trainers before starting to work out can help you find a trainer that will be willing to take into consideration your special needs, which will make the difference between reaching your fitness goals and being frustrated or … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Bay Area Fitness Program to Meet Your Goals

Before embarking on a Bay Area fitness program, it’s important to sit down and outline your goals. What do you want to accomplish with your fitness program? Are your goals to lose weight, or increase your strength, or simply to benefit from a healthier lifestyle? Knowing what you want to achieve before you start will start you on the path of choosing the right fitness routine to help you reach … [Read more...]